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Three-wheel powerful spinning machine

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3-Wheel CNC Spinning Machine
3-Wheel CNC Spinning Machine

3-Wheel CNC Spinning Machine

Introducing our 3-Wheel CNC Spinning Machine, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the spinning process for a wide range of products. This powerful machine offers advanced functionality, exceptional precision, and a solid structure to meet the demanding requirements of modern manufacturing.

The 3-Wheel CNC Machine features a three-wheel configuration, allowing simultaneous spinning of multiple components. This innovative design significantly increases production efficiency, making it ideal for high-volume manufacturing. The machine’s structure is built with high-strength materials and incorporates a compact and optimized design to ensure stability and durability.

Equipped with a CNC control system, this machine offers unrivaled precision and flexibility. The user-friendly interface allows operators to easily program and control various parameters, including spindle speed, feed rate, and tool movements. This level of customization ensures accurate and consistent results, regardless of the complexity of the product design.

The 3-Wheel Machine utilizes advanced servo hydraulic control for precise and stable spinning operations. The combination of servo motors and hydraulic systems ensures optimal force distribution and control, resulting in high-quality spun products. Additionally, the machine incorporates an oil-cooled structure to enhance performance and prolong the machine’s lifespan.


Machine Name

3-Wheel CNC Spinning Machine


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Complete the test in the early stage; provide online and offline training in the later stage, and complete the turnkey project.

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JOBY-CNC spinning machine for fan(en)

Our Series of 3-Wheel Heavy Spinning Machines are primarily utilized for reducing or thickening tubes, processing small-diameter thick materials, and applying surface hardening through spinning. These machines offer exceptional advantages such as high rigidity and accuracy. They excel in processing precision cylinder parts, high-pressure gas cylinders, servo hydraulic cylinder parts, motor housings, and more. Their applications extend to various industries, including military, aerospace, chemical, and pressure vessel manufacturing.

The three spinning wheels are intelligently designed at 120° intervals, and the integrated structure of the turret provides efficient spinning capacity. Each spinning wheel can operate independently, enabling forward flow forming, reverse flow forming, and processing in different steps. The spindle can be stopped at any position, facilitating mold loading/unloading and supporting special forming processes. Products can be unloaded either through the center of the spinning wheels or via the sliding table mechanism.

Machine Configuration Parameters

Processing method: horizontal three-wheel powerful CNC spinning machine
Raw material diameter: Φ200~Φ1000mm
Forward rotation length: 5500mm
Anti-rotation length: 7000mm
Material thickness:

6061 aluminum alloy 20mm

Low carbon steel 15mm

Technical Indicators:

Radial stroke: 660mm
Axial stroke: 3500mm
Radial axis moving speed: ≤0.6m/min
Longitudinal axis moving speed: ≤2m/min
Radial thrust: 250KN×3
Axial thrust: 320KN
Radial positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
Axial positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
Three-wheel misalignment adjustment method: manual adjustment
Three wheel stagger adjustment: 0~10mm
Spindle-tail top double center distance: 6200mm
Tail top longitudinal travel: 5500mm
Tailstock lateral movement: 400mm
Tail top force: 50~100KN (adjustable)
Spindle power: 260KW
Spindle speed: 0~155rpm (two-stage speed change)
Control mode: Siemens 828D/840D CNC system
Feed power: Siemens servo motor 1FK7 series
Drive control: Siemens S120 series servo controller
Spindle power: 110KW servo motor (Beijing super synchronous)
Spindle control: 110KW servo driver (Beijing super synchronous)
Equipment area: 10 meters long x 5 meters wide x 3 meters high
Total power of equipment: 190KW
Equipment weight: 60 tons
  • Marcley

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Bolivia

    The 3-Wheel CNC Spinning Machine has transformed our production process. Its three-wheel configuration has allowed us to significantly increase our output without compromising quality. 

  • Arthur Zonneveld

    Post a review on Fec 21, 2022 From Mauritius

    The CNC control system provides precise control over every aspect of the spinning operation, resulting in consistent and high-quality components. It has become an invaluable asset to our manufacturing facility.

  • Nicolas Vazquez

    Post a review on jul 21, 2022 From Uruguay

    We are extremely impressed with the performance of the 3-Wheel CNC Spinning Machine. Its advanced servo hydraulic control ensures precise and stable spinning operations, allowing us to achieve tight tolerances and complex shapes with ease.


    Post a review on Oct 10, 2022 From Venezuela

    The machine’s robust structure and oil-cooled design contribute to its reliability and longevity. It has greatly improved our production capabilities and overall efficiency

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