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Gantry Vision Guided Automatic Welding Station

Product Details

Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine
Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine
Welding Effect Drawing
Fully Automatic Welding Machine For Fan Volute machine welding effect diagram
Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine
Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine
Welding Effect Drawing
Fully Automatic Welding Machine For Fan Volute machine welding effect diagram

Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine

The Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine is a highly efficient and automated solution designed for welding gantry stiffeners. This machine is specifically engineered to streamline the welding process, increase productivity, and ensure high-quality welds in the fabrication of gantry structures. The Machine is an indispensable tool for manufacturers and fabricators involved in gantry structure production. It combines advanced automation, superior weld quality, and customization options to meet the demanding requirements of modern fabrication projects while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Applications of Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine

The Gantry Stiffener Auto Machine is extensively utilized in the construction industry for the fabrication of gantry structures. These structures are commonly used in large-scale infrastructure projects such as bridges, stadiums, and high-rise buildings. The machine’s automated welding capabilities greatly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of stiffener assembly, resulting in faster project completion times and improved structural integrity. By reducing manual labor and minimizing human error, the machine ensures consistent weld quality and eliminates the need for costly rework. Its versatility and customization options allow it to adapt to different gantry sizes and welding requirements. This makes it an invaluable asset in the construction sector.

Machine Name

Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine


Application Industry

(can be modified)

Technical Service

Complete the test in the early stage; provide online and offline training in the later stage, and complete the turnkey project.

Technical Guidance

Online 24 hours a day

Project Progress

30-120 days

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Equipment Appearance

Equipment composition: gantry + 3D visual guidance system + electrical cabinet + industrial computer + electric welding machine

Gantry Stiffener Auto Welding Machine

Brief Introduction

The gantry stiffener automatic welding system is a solution that addresses the limitations of traditional manual welding methods by integrating advanced technologies. Comprising the five-axis servo control system, PLC logic control system, visual positioning system, welding machine system, gun cleaning system, and welding smoke purification system, this system offers several key advantages.

One significant benefit is the automation of data collection. The system automatically gathers information for each stiffener welding node from the CAD layout and product calibration. This ensures accuracy and reduces the potential for errors in the welding process.

To minimize welding distortion, the system allows workers to select the welding sequence and procedure flexibly. This customization capability enhances the overall welding quality and ensures that specific requirements for each welding node are met.

3D Vision Camera

3D Vision Camera_W_1000px

Device Parameters:

  • Parameter Length: The total length of the track ranges from 10 to 20 meters, with the option for customization beyond this range.
  • Width: The total equipment width is available in options of 4m, 5m, 6m, or 7m.
  • Height: The equipment has a height of 3 meters.
  • Quality: The device has a weight capacity of 5 tons (excluding the track).
  • Product Length: The product length should be less than the total track length minus 2 meters, and the product width should be less than the total width of the equipment minus 1.2 meters.

Equipment Power Supply: The power supply for the equipment is AC380V, and the welding machine is also powered by AC380V.

Advantages of Gantry Stiffener Automatic Equipment:

  • High Production Efficiency and Cost Savings: The automatic equipment significantly improves production efficiency, reducing the need for manual labor and saving on labor costs.
  • Universal System with Flexibility: The system supports the importation of new product drawings, allowing for flexible adjustment of welding-related parameters to accommodate different requirements.
  • High-Quality Welding and Aesthetic Appearance: The automatic equipment ensures beautifully formed welding seams with high welding quality, minimizing the need for additional grinding or finishing.
  • Flexible Work Scope: The system can be configured to accommodate various solder sizes or work site conditions, providing flexibility in its applications.
  • Fully Automatic Intelligent Welding: The integration of intelligent welding technology enables fully automatic operation, enhancing the overall image and reputation of the company.
  • 3D Visual Imaging System with Wide Range: The equipment incorporates a 3D visual imaging system that enables a wide range of photographing capabilities. This system allows for flexible placement of the solder, ensuring precise and accurate welding.


Field Application

Field Application

Camera Parameters

Maximum scanning speed 13.5FPS
Data resolution (megapixel) 0.2
Central object distance 420
Standard field of view XY(mm) 220×160
Standard depth of field Z(mm) ±60
Data interface USB3.0
Working voltage(V) 24
Working current (A) 5

Camera Image

Cross Node Positioning Image

Cross Node Positioning Image

Advantages of Automatic Equipment for Gantry Stiffener

  • High production efficiency and labor cost saving;
  • The welding seam is beautiful in shape, with high welding quality and no need of grinding;
  • 3D vision imaging system, wide photo range, flexible solder placement;
  • Universal system, which allows the import of new product drawings and flexible setting of welding parameters;
  • The operation range can be set flexibly according to the size of solder or site;
  • Fully automatic intelligent welding,greatly improve the  corporate image.

Welding Effect Drawing

Welding Effect Drawing

Upper Computer Parameter Interface

According to the product specifications, users can import the corresponding CAD drawings in the upper computer, and edit and modify the drawings. The welding process parameters can also be set in the host computer, and the imported project can be saved after setting. The subsequent welding process can be called directly according to the product type, without repeated setting, which is simple and easy to use.

Upper Computer Parameter Interface_W_1000px

HMI Screen

The operation mode can be manual mode and automatic mode,and simple parameter setting can be done.

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    Upon receiving the machine, I proceeded to watch the training video provided, which proved to be extremely helpful in getting started. The after-sales service was commendable, with patient and helpful assistance throughout the process. Operating the equipment turned out to be straightforward, and I was able to quickly grasp its functionality. Thanks to the simplicity of the operation, I got the machine up and running in no time.

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    The delivery of the machine was exceptionally fast, which was greatly appreciated. Furthermore, the after-sales service exceeded my expectations with their remarkable level of support. The machine itself has proven to be incredibly efficient, surpassing the speed of other similar machines in the market. I am thoroughly impressed with its performance and the overall experience.

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    The machine has exhibited exceptional precision, meeting and even surpassing the desired results I aimed for. I am highly satisfied with its ability to deliver the precise outcomes I require. Moreover, the seller’s service has been outstanding. Their prompt response and assistance have been instrumental throughout the process.


    Post a review on Oct 10, 2022 From Venezuela

    The technician’s online guidance and instruction have proved to be immensely helpful, ensuring that I am proficient in operating the machine effectively. I truly appreciate their support and expertise.

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