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A letter of introduction about the fan industry

May 12, 2023


We are the manufacturer of CNC metal spinning machine from China.

We have 15 years experience on CNC metal spinning technologies.

Machine use on centrifugal fan, ventilation & air-conditioning, automotive industry, chemical & medical industry, household ware etc.

This is our company youtube link, more videos to check :


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Guangzhou Altron Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

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My services include

(metal laser cutting, metal spinning, hydraulic drawing machine, metal polishing, technical support)

Milk barrel spinning production process:https://youtu.be/6xPLFNrKSzA

Metal polishing machine production process:https://youtu.be/iLacWc9xV2o

Working video of hydraulic stretching machine:https://youtu.be/yXzdlofsbxI

Continuous laser cutting work video:https://youtu.be/QDNBkLwlujA

Fan spinning machine working video:https://youtu.be/ugNr8uj5J_0

Automatic welding equipment for fan volute (adaptive scanning): https://youtu.be/v5icAgBzde4

A letter of introduction about the fan industry

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