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Some commercial and industrial applications in the field of metal spinning

November 7, 2022

CNC metal spinning is an ideal method for manufacturing high-quality round workpieces of different sizes and shapes, such as semi-finished and finished products. Our product-shaped metal parts are simply and easily created by spinning two semi-products; the resulting hollow product also recognizes the need for flexibility for demanding commercial and industrial applications.

Some commercial and industrial applications in the field of metal spinning include these

CNC metal spinning is a highly economical means of manufacturing products. With CNC metal spinning, lighter specification materials can be used, reducing its already low processing cost. This process requires less sustainable than other molds such as stamping, casting, and forging; spinning does not require the creation of expensive molds and patterns, which also makes it easier to build.

CNC metal spinning produces less waste and can use preforms, making it an environmentally friendly process. The smooth finish produced by CNC metal spinning reduces secondary processing, such as polishing, tumbling, and deburring, and requires other people. This can help you save more costs while providing a significantly shorter turnaround time.

Metal spinning machinery

Spinning machine manufacturers can rotate several types of metals for production runs or varying sizes. Some typical spinning metals include:

  • Stainless steel (300 and 400 series)
  • Carbon steel (S)
  • titanium
  • brass
  • Aluminum (1100, 3003, 5052, 6061, 2024, 7075 and series)
  • bronze
  • copper
  • Inconel
  • Hastelloy

Application in metal products

These multifunctional metal spinning products can be used across several industries, etrochemical, oil, natural gas, water management, food and beverage, industrial heating, aerospace, automotive, power generation, agriculture, and many others.

Some commercial and industrial applications in metal spinning include:

  • Boiler water supply system
  • Steam trap
  • Sanitary spray products
  • Check with air valve
  • Natural gas and oil fields
  • Oil separator
  • Water distribution and management
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