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Common sense of safe operation setting of CNC spinning machine

November 2, 2022

The automatic spinning machine should be very familiar with the position of the emergency stop button switch. When needed, press the spinning machine without any search. Before installing the fuse, the machine power must be turned off. There must be enough working space to avoid danger. Water or oil can slip the ground and cause danger. To prevent accidents, the workplace should be kept clean and dry.

Common sense of safe operation setting of CNC spinning machine

1. Stick to the post, operate carefully, and don’t do anything unrelated to work. Stop the machine when leaving the machine due to accident, and turn off the power and air supply.

2. Select the amount of feed, cutting speed and linear speed of the grinding wheel according to the instructions. It is not allowed to arbitrarily increase the feed rate and cutting speed, and it is not allowed to arbitrarily increase the linear speed of the grinding wheel.

3. It is forbidden to process blanks and rough machining on precision machine tools. High-precision workpieces are not required, nor are they allowed to be processed on precision machine tools.

4. Tools and workpieces should be clamped correctly and fastened firmly. Only manual hoists are allowed for loading and unloading heavy workpieces or fixtures. It is not allowed to align the cutting tool, the workpiece is high, and it is not allowed to use the extended handle to increase the short force.

5. It is not allowed to install in the machine tool non-spindle taper hole, tailstock sleeve taper hole and other tool mounting holes that do not match the taper or aperture, and the surface has scratched and unclean thimble, cutter, knife sleeve, etc.

6. The mechanical speed change of the transmission and feed mechanism, the clamping and adjustment of the tool and the workpiece, and the manual measurement between the working procedures of the workpiece, etc., should be stopped after the cutting is terminated and the tool is withdrawn from the workpiece.

7. During processing, the tool is not allowed to stop without leaving the workpiece.

8. Keep the sharpness of the hair gear. If it becomes dull or cracked, it should be sharpened or replaced in time.

9. The hydraulic system, except for throttling, is not allowed to adjust without permission.

10. Tools, workpieces and other sundries are not allowed to be placed directly on the machine tool, especially on the guide rail surface and the work table surface.

11. Frequently remove chips and oil stains on the machine tool to keep the machine clean.

Danger: Do not touch control equipment, transformers, motors, junction boxes, spinning machines with high-voltage terminals and other live parts with your hands (or non-insulated objects). Otherwise, it may cause electric shock, otherwise, it may also cause electric shock.

Before using this switch, please make sure not to make mistakes and do not touch the spinner switch. If a task requires more than two people to complete, then in each step of the operation, we all know that the automatic spinning machine is equipped with many safety devices to prevent injury and damage to the operator and equipment.

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