Mechanical circular shearing machine

The circular cutting machine provides convenient adjustment of the size of the wafer for the spinning process test before the CNC spinning processing production, and can replace the small batch punch blanking. Laser cutting


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Mechanical circular shearing machine
Mechanical circular shearing machine
Mechanical circular shearing machine

Mechanical circular shearing machine

The circular cutting machine provides convenient adjustment of the size of the wafer for the spinning process test before the CNC spinning processing production, and can replace the small batch punch blanking. Laser cutting

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1. Machine Feature

Circular Shear Machine model CS 1300 adopt skew-type dual spindle design, the upper spindle in horizontal, and the central line of bottom spindle have a degree of-30° with the horizontal spindle, this design have more advantages comparing with the parallel spindle design,  for example, the pressure-cutting surface between two cutting wheel is much more smaller, which is different from the parallel cutting wheel, in this case, it can cut thicker material when they are with the same motor power.  

The design of the lower cutting wheel is different from the parallel cutting wheel type, when it is mounted in the lower spindle, the connecting position between upper cutting wheel and lower cutting wheel is point-line type, but the connecting position of parallel wheel type is plane contact type.

the projection of the lower wheel cutting surface is the internal arc line(vertical), there is a small deformation segment influence during the cutting, so it can cutting very small circle, with high cutting precision.

This drive of this circular shearing machine adopts stepping motor and reduction box, PLC control, big torque during low speed operate, and the stable cutting speed, and steadily operation.

The movement of upper spindle adopts mechanic, controlled hydraulic oil cylinder, easily adjustment.

Clamping methods of work piece is Pneumatic clamping,

Simple operate, high efficiency.

Universal and economic one.

2. Machine function

This machine can cut the Mild steel thickness less than 3mm, stainless steel thickness less than 1.5mm, Aluminum thickness less than 2mm. And in specific state, it can cut the thick material by several rotary cutting modes.

This machine can cut the circle type workpiece. For more thick workpiece, suggest to adopt several rotary cutting modes to get a better performace.

This machine have the flanging function if it is equipped the special device.

And beading function is optional, it can come true by means of equip the special pressing wheel.

3. Main specification  








Cutting wheel Speed


45 r/min


assemble after PLC adjusted



Max Cutting diameter





Min Cutting diameter




剪切普通碳钢最大厚度 Carbon Steel Max Thickness





Stainless Steel Max Thickness




喉口尺寸 Throat size




方料最大通过尺寸 Max allowed size of square material





C  diameter




主电机扭矩 Main Motor Torque

20 NM

步进电机 stepping motor


三相电源 3Phase Power




总功率 Total Power


不含空压机 without air Compressor

液压系统 Hydraulic system


     液压站功率 Hydraulic Station Power



Hydraulic Station equipped



Flow adjustment

手动 Manual Operation



泵内压力表 Pressure of the Pump



气压系统 Pressure system



Air compressor




Prepared by customer


气压表 Pressure



机械参数 Machine Specification


外形尺寸(毫米)Machine Diameter




包装尺寸(毫米)Packing Diameter


底托 Base








四  The machine include three main parts:

4.1  C shape Part:   This part is consist of C fixture , pneumatic clamping swing device, manual gear type leadscrew which is used for workpiece size. It is used for workpiece clamping, adjustment of workpiece size allowed, the adjustment of workpiece up and down, adjustment of knife edge.  

4.2 Headstock: this part is consist of gearbox, hydraulic cylinder, upper and lower spindle, upper spindle movement block, reduction gear, etc. During working, it will come true the action of upper spindle going down, the cutting wheel rotating along with the spindle rotating, press and cut-in the workpiece,  drive the workpiece rotating by friction force, to finish the cutting action.

4.3  Machine body: machine body is the main support part of the machine, the C part and head stock part are assembled on the bottom, and the hydraulic station and electric box are assembled inside.

4.4 Main drive action adopt the motor direct connection with reduction box, drive ratio 1:6. Gear, transmission spindle transmit the movement, the upper wheel and lower wheel rotates with same speed.  


1.  C opening --Work Piece clamping support

2.   Workpiece clamping cylinder

3.  Movement axle of air cylinder

4.  Top Rotating clamping plate

5.   Lower rotating clamping plate

6.   adjustment wheel of workpiece size

7.  Adjustment valve of air pressure

8.  Machine body

9  Vertical Adjustment screw rod of workpiece

10. Oil cylinder

11. Adjustment device of oil cylinder movement 

12. Upper spindle movement block

13 Headstock box

14. Upper cutting wheel  

15.bottom cutting wheel  

16Upper spindle  

17. bottom spindle

18 transmission Gear

19. stepping motor + speed reduction device  

20. internal Hydraulic Station  

21. Internal Electric Cabinet

5. Hydraulic System, pneumatic system

a. Hydraulic system is consist of Hydraulic combination station and hydraulic cylinder, the system pressure will be adjusted properly before leaving factory, customer can use it after input enough oil. When first using, start the hydraulic system, please bleed the air through the oil mouth at the top of oil cylinder, it will need 3~5 times bleeding to exhaust all air in oil cylinder. As the piston of oil cylinder will shake during working if some air inside the cylinder, which will stop the work, even damage the machine.

The pneumatic system is consist of trigeminy air valve, air cylinder, etc.

6. Machine electrics

with the torque 20Nm, Hydraulic motor 250W. Attaching the Electrics diagram.

7. Operation manual

Introduction, this machine is special design and produced for small-medium type enterprise which engage in the metal sheet processing, spinning workpiece processing, think plate rotating processing, it is easily operate, and can satisfy the normal circle cutting demand less than 3mm, please work according to machine specification.

Announcment before start the machine: please move the C mouth—workpiece clamping support far away from the 13—headstock box, and inspection the distance between 14—upper cutting wheel and 15—bottom cutting wheel, to make sure the proper gap, then start the machine.



2.Blade Position Adjustment

Switch on the power switch, start the system, press the button “wheel down”, checking the gap X between upper wheel and lower wheel(using the feeler gauge), and to determine the vertical overlap S according to the material thickness.

Wheel adjustment diagram